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Here's a song I wrote. I think it's a heartfelt tribute to one of my favorite songwriters ever. Or theft. You decide. -(video by Mechanical Eye Films)


I've had a great time this year playing music.

2016 Highlights:

Merle Haggard Tribute Show

I was lucky enough to perform at the Merle Haggard Tribute Show, at the Kraken (Chapel Hill). Lance White and friends put on the most organized show, rehearsals and all, that I've ever seen. In the process I got to play with with some of the very best musicians in the Triangle: This was "my" band:

Oh yeah. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and envy. I've been blessed to play with some great musicians over the years, but, man! That band was like riding in a Ferrari. And on a Haggard tune at that! Dreams do come true.

Then this happened...

Gabriela La Foley at Doodad Farms

This one is worth mentioning for several reasons.

If you don't know already, let me wise you up. Doodad Farm is the best place to see OR play a show for miles (and miles) around. Dean, Laurel, and a whole bunch of their friends have created something magical out there. Do yourself a favor. Go to a show. Go to ANY show. It's that special a place.

Secondly, Gabi and I had a great time playing for a wonderful audience. It was a house concert and the house was pretty full (70-75 folks). But Doodad audiences are weird, man. They listen. They laugh and sing along and have a great time. It was probably the most fun I've ever had on stage. And let's face it, I've had a LOT of fun in my time. BTW, much love and thanks to Yes! Weekly's ChoiceBeats for saying nice things about us. Pershate ya, guys!

But even bigger and better than that, Gabriela and I fell in love (If you want to go back and reread that, I don't blame you).

Yes, the guy who thought a relationship with a woman in western NC involved too much travel now has a girlfriend in England. And that wonderful woman who travels the world entertaining is actually talking about settling down.

It's absolutely ridiculous and we couldn't be happier.

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